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AMC / Rate Card

Dear customer, Welcome to Sirmour family
we thanks you for the interest shown towards Sirmour comprehensive Annual maintenence contract contract (AMC).
At Sirmour we strive to not only provide you with the best of repair ,ease and convenience but also the best of services and support. we believe that your constant feedbacks,trust and support have helped us to innovate and grow,over the years.
This Annual maintenance contract(AMC) is another small step in strengthening this very relationship. What it offers you is a complete peace-of-mind as you can avail a whole world of services that range from getting your products serviced, with the option of free pick up and delivery to your doorstep. This will take away your worries for repairs and maintenance against breakdown besides the free labour and free replacement of spare parts during the AMC period¡¡
if you do have some suggestions or comments please feel free to write back to us at sirmourbuisness@Gmail.com or at the address mentioned below.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
3004 GF DLF - 4, Gurgaon Haryana-122002


Direct Cool                             :      Rs 149/month
Frost Free.                             :      Rs 199/month
Side by Side Refrigerator.    :      Rs 299/month
Deep freezer & kimchi.         :      Rs 299/month

Semi Auto.                            :       Rs 199/month
Fully Auto(Top Load)           :       Rs 199/month
Front load.                            :       Rs 299/month
Cloth dryer.                          :       Rs 299/month
Heavy duty.above8kg         :        Rs 499/month

SOLO.                              :           Rs199/month
Grill.                                  :            Rs199/month
Convection & smart.       :            Rs249/month

#Subject to change without prior notice.
#under 10 year product amc rates mentioned above.above 10 year Rs 100 /month extra on each product.

Service Rate Card

Washing Machine
1.semi auto     : Rs 250
2.fully auto       : Rs 300
3.front load      : Rs 350

Cloth Dryer
1. indian          : Rs. 350
2. imported     : Rs. 500

Refrigerator               Service Charge                Gas Charge
1.direct cool (s door)   :  Rs. 250                                  Rs. 1500
2.frost free (d door)     :  Rs. 350                                  Rs. 1850
3.side by side fridge    :  Rs. 500                                  Rs. 3250
4.kimchi refrigerator     :  Rs. 500                                  Rs. 3250
5.deep fridge                :  Rs. 500                                  Rs. 3500

1.solo                    : Rs. 250
2.grill                     : Rs. 300
3.convection         : Rs. 350

1.up to 32"              : Rs. 350
2.upto. 42"              : Rs. 500
3.above 46"            : Rs. 1000

Dish Washer
1.indian & imported    : Rs. 500
2.commercial              : Rs. 1500

1. Domestic Ro.          : Rs. 300

Air conditioner.     Service Charege           Gas charge
1.window.                   : Rs. 350.                            Rs. 1800
2.splits.                       : Rs. 450.                            Rs. 2000

Note :-
1.gas charge warrenty 3 month inclusive dryer .pin valve . vaccuming .n2o .testing .
2.service charge valid for 1month if same fault persist.
For any asst please contact
Sirmour Home Appliances
3004 ground floor dlf ph 4 near galleria
Phone: 9910806428


Note : Minimum AMC 1 year

1. This contract is offered to the customers who are residing with the municipal limits of the city /town of the company's Sirmour service centres and is not transferable to the same customer on transfer.

2. In case the customer wants to cancel the maintenance contract before completion of the contract period ,there shall be no refund of the charges for the unexpired period of the contract.

3.The set when brought to the Sirmour service center shall be at the customer's cost ,risk and responsibility.The contractor shall not be responsible for any damage to the set caused by high voltage fluctuations, lighting, fire, floods, accidents or loss due to theft or any such cause, while the set is in service centre.

4.The customer will register the complaint at specified service centre mentioning his contract No. for reference and if the Sirmour service centre is of the opinion that servicing/repairs have to be done at workshop it should be allowed to do so and in that event transportation will be borne by the Sirmour service centre.

5.In case of hotels/institutions the service shall be provided during normal working hours I.e. 10 am to 7 pm. No service shall be provided on declared holidays.

6.During the contract the customer shall not directly or indirectly alter/tamper the set , which would change the internal operation of the set. The Sirmour service center shall not be liable to service/ repair in such cases and decision by Sirmour service center is final.

7.The company shall be under no obligation to provide service/repair because of improper use, modification or substitution, or if the AMC serial number of the set is altered or removed.

8.Decision to sell AMC rests solely with the company and will be binding on to customer , without assigning any reason whatsoever.

9.The Sirmour service center shall not be liable for damage caused due to high voltage fluctuations, lightning, fire, floods, accident misuse, mishandling or neglect.

10.Voltage Stablizer etc.are not covered under this contract.

11.In the event of non availability of spare the depriciation clause will be applicable as per the depriciation rates of company prevailing at that point of time (Calculated from the date of amc of the unit) 60%1 year ,40%2nd year 20% 3rd year.

12.There will be no commitment on repair time given by the company.

13.All disputes , which may or may not form part of this agreement ,are subject to gurgaon jurisdiction.

14.Part not covered in refrigerator Glass, plastic parts, gasket ,internal gas leakage ,bulb, filter ,ro pipe ,door,fan blade ,handle,lock keys,duct ,tempered freezer etc.

parts which cover are fan motor,gas, pcb, timer,fuse, heater,sensor, auger motor, ice maker kit, switch ,compressor etc.

15.Washing machine part not covered macquanism, plastic part ,seal,lead,drum,wiring . glass,filter,body,rubber parts.
Part covered wash motor , spin motor,spin timer,wash timer,pcb, lid switch, sensor, drain motor,capistor,etc.

16.Microwave part not covered glass,cavity,paint,plastic parts,door,latch,fan blade,etc.
Part covered gear motor, fan motor,megnatron, pcb, switch, hvt, capistor, diode,etc.